Should you do Bug Bounties for a Living?

Jul 18, 2021
For a lot of people, bug bounties present a way to escape the rat race. A way to exchange the handcuffs of employment for the freedom of autonomous control of one’s day, and one’s financial future. As appealing as that looks, it’s also important to be very objective and methodical with decisions around making something like bug bounty the “way you keep the lights on” - It’s not good to make life altering decisions, without objectively considering all factors involved.
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Beginners Bug Bounty - what bug classes should you start with?

Apr 4, 2021
Over time I’ve answered this question a lot, and I’m hoping to build something more canonical I can reference for those starting out with bug bounties - where do you begin? The answer ultimately depends on your foundation, and I’ve aimed to break that down into two distinct answers. If you’re new to security If you’re newer to security, and hacking in general, a hacking foundation is the most important thing to build.
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